2010. december 26., vasárnap

The Gap-fill Syndrome - does it really exist or it's just a hype to feed language methodologists

Here's another excerpt from the same study:
" Currently,  it  seems  that  the use  of flms  in English  language teaching in many classrooms around the world is suffering from a dominant ‘Gap-fill Syndrome’, a common tendency of teachers to engage their learners in ‘relentless’ viewing and listening gap-fill activities."
I like that expression 'gap-fill syndrome'. I feel compelled to say 'No, I'm most certainly not suffering from such illness'. Moreover I'm inclined to think that my philosophy of creating gap-fill exercises for ESL students based on film scripts is as solid as rock: 'Never ever do my such gap-fills at the same time as watching that part of the film. Do these exercises after you have watched the film in full or in parts as many times as you like and till you find they give you enough educational thrill!'
And this idea of mine has never changed and never will as long as I create gap-fill activities based on film scripts!    

Films are realistic slices of life but will that serve the interests of most students

At last I came across a study that claims to have looked into the matter of using films in the ESL classrom with the help of creating gap-fill exercises! Wow! What more could I possibly hope for?
Here's an excerpt from that study to start with:
"One of the greatest advantages of using flms for English language instruction is that films encourage learners to engage with what is happening on the screen on both an intellectual and creative level."
I absolutely agree with that.
"Films are realistic slices of life and, therefore, an excellent vehicle for focusing learners on situational language, where an understanding of both verbal and non-verbal communication tends to be a prerequisite for the negotiations of meaning."
I quite agree. Having said that this idea is miles away from actually presenting a meaningful and lasting experience for English language students. You just cannot get round the problem of finding quality film scripts for the benefit of students by relying on either your luck or your personal preference. What you do need is a careful approach based on thorough research.


2010. december 23., csütörtök

English language practice on my web site

Here is an example of practising English on your own: Have fun and make success with Sofa School

Please note you will need INTERNET EXPLORER to make full use of the bank of English gap-filling exercises on that website!